Lady Gaga - The Making of '911' | Vevo Footnotes

20 нов 2020
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Lady Gaga - The Making of 911 | Vevo Footnotes
From Gaga's brilliant 'Chromatica' album, "911" is a look at mental health issues and perceptions of reality. When the video dropped, the singer hit Instagram to candidly inform her fans of its subject matter, ultimately deeming it "the poetry of pain." In this Footnotes, director Tarsem Singh explains that the idea for the visuals for a long time and Gaga's message fit perfectly. Learn about the fashion director and stylists, the Alexander McQueen dress, the mural on the wall, and other essential tidbits.
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Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
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Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & David McTiernan
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Music video by Lady Gaga performing 911 (The Making of '911'/Vevo Footnotes). © 2020 Interscope Records

  • she takes her pain and puts it into art

    Elina NeumannElina NeumannПре 19 сати
  • I originally wrote what follows for the actual 911 video but I though I might copy-paste it here as well since the timestamps should basically be the same. By the way in one of the replies I received in the original video someone told me that they sent a screenshot of my comment to someone who personally knows Tarsem (the director), which in turn sent it to him, and apparently he said I “got them all”. --------- - - My attempt at reconstructing all the real world events metaphorically represented in the video: 0:13 - Stefani has been in an accident with her bike and she’s suffering from a concussion (the red sleeping mask) and a broken ankle (the red anklet); (the pomegranates on the ground are actually apples in the real world;) Death (the dark horseman) begins alluring her; 0:46 - she begins hallucinating about the last things she saw before the accident (like the driver’s head banging on the airbag) and what’s happening around her in the real world; 0:49 - two firemen remove a door from the car; 0:54 - a bystander is watching the scene and checks on Stefani but she’s not responding; (0:57 - on the “firemen”’s hats one can read “9-1-1” in Roman numerals;) 1:07 - the male passenger is taken out of the car but he’s already dead, and the female passenger is mourning him; 1:09 - three other bystanders are watching the scene while a fireman is checking out the fire from the car’s engine (the cauldron); 1:17 - the paramedic and the doctor arrive on an helicopter (the umbrella); 1:19 - one of the bystanders takes a picture of it coming down; 1:36 - the paramedic checks the pulse of the male passenger and confirms he’s dead; 1:38 - the doctor covers the driver with a space blanket; 1:42 - Stefani loses consciousness (she puts a doll representing herself in a box, then a robotic arm covers our view of her for a second); 1:55 - the paramedic and a fireman give oxygen to the rich guy, who’s probably in shock; 1:57 - the doctor begins checking Stefani’s level of consciousness with a flashlight; 2:01 - she keeps slipping out of consciousness and is probably dying; 2:13 - the paramedic begins tourniqueting her leg; 2:17 - the pain brings her back to consciousness for a second; 2:21 - she begins having problems breathing (the headgear of the read dress represents a pair of lungs); 2:27 - the paramedic continues tourniqueting her leg; 2:31 - he begins giving her CPR; 2:38 - she’s not reacting to CPR and stops breathing (she walks away following Death, and the “lungs headgear” is gone); meanwhile a fireman keeps under control the sparks (the petals) coming from the movie theater’s lights (the peacock) and two policemen direct traffic; (on the bottom right one can also see the broken hydrant that has been hit by the car;) 2:43 - the doctor checks her heartbeat; 2:45 - the paramedic finishes tourniqueting her leg but she’s fibrillating; 2:51 - he continues to give her CPR but to no avail; 2:57 - she goes into cardiac arrest (represented by the flowery dark green suit, which might allude to entering a vegetative state); (3:00 - the Armenian word on the yellow tape means “caution”;) 3:04 - the paramedic brings in a defibrillator and two firemen put her on a spinal board; 3:20 - she’s on the brink of death (Death is now on a carousel horse as if he was having fun, and at 3:25 points a gun at her); (3:24 - the scars on her forehead allude to the lyrics “the scars on my mind are on replay” from the song “Replay”;) 3:42 - the defibrillator is used on her and she‘s brought back to life.

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  • One of the best music video ever seen. Fact that made me proud : Director was an Indian❤️

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  • I never knew this thank you for telling me all in this video

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  • It reminds me a film by Marc Foster "Stay" from 2005 - the twisted, psychotic, real" life of the main character seems to be an imagination after the car crash.

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  • Although the visual is great, it doesn’t match with the music. Maybe it would go well with Massive Attack’s atmosphere, but not LG. Btw, I like the music.

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